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The Moriarty Group believes in developing people to their full potential, and has a policy of recruiting from within for new and replacement roles.  

External recruitment is regularly necessitated by business expansion and development. Current vacancies are posted below.  Where positions are not currently advertised, the company will also accept file applications for key company roles, as follows:

  • Managers of all levels – Supermarket Retail and Hotel
  • Experienced Heads of Department and Supervisors  - Supermarket Retail and Hotel
  • Experienced Chefs of all levels
  • Experienced fresh food professionals – Bakers, Fishmongers, Butchers, Deli Specialists.


Why Work For Us?  


At The Moriarty Group, we believe that our employees are the heart of our success. We are committed to providing a nurturing and inspiring work environment that empowers our team members to reach their full potential. When you choose to work with us, you'll enjoy a range of benefits and opportunities that will make your professional journey truly rewarding:


Pension Contributions:

We care about your financial well-being beyond your working years. As part of our commitment to our employees' long-term security, we offer competitive pension contributions. Rest assured, your dedication and hard work will be rewarded, not just today, but well into your retirement.

Career Progression:

We believe in the growth of our employees and actively encourage their career development. Whether you are just starting your journey or have years of experience, you'll find ample opportunities to expand your skills, take on new challenges, and advance within the company. We foster a culture that values continuous learning and provides the necessary resources to support your professional growth.

Be Part of a Team:

Collaboration and teamwork are at the core of our success. When you join us, you become a valuable part of a dynamic and diverse team, where everyone's ideas and contributions are valued. Together, we work towards achieving common goals, fostering an inclusive environment where each individual's strengths are celebrated.

Employee Assistance Programme:

We understand that life can present its challenges, both inside and outside of work. That's why we offer an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to provide you with the support you need. 

Recognition and Rewards:

Hard work and dedication deserve recognition. We believe in acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of our employees. Our recognition and rewards programs highlight exceptional performance and demonstrate our appreciation for your commitment.


Employees are recruited on the basis of their sharing the company's core beliefs and principles.



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Putting customers first in everything Providing excellent service and value for money Supporting local communities Having a team, passionate about the industry, and highly knowledgeable in individual roles  

The Moriarty Group is an Equal Opportunities Employer

Moriarty Group

Group Hotel General Manager

The purpose of the role is to ensure the smooth and efficient operations of the Court Yard Hotel & Bracken Court Hotel within the Moriarty Group. The Group Hotel General Manager will be responsible for all aspects, managing the two hotel properties in line with company guidelines.

The Group Hotel Manager will report directly to the Hotel Operations Director & Group Operations Director and have a direct line to communication to the board of directors and the company's financual director, reporting on all aspects of the two hotel properties. 




 The Group Hotel General Manager is responsible for operations, budgets, project delivery and strategy whilst continuously improving operational processes and service standards. Effectively; to achieve revenue, profit, margins and ensure customer satisfaction goals by overseeing and managing all departments within the hotels.

The Group Hotel General Manager is to plan and coordinate the operations of the hotels by guiding, developing and implementing sales drives through formulated strategies and improving performance while monitoring our key performance indicators and ensuring activation plans are in place.

The Group Hotel General Manager will ensure that the Senior Teams of each hotel property are fulfilling their duties as per their individual job description. Assist executive leadership while guiding, developing the operation teams and core team members. Monitoring and ensuring all essential tasks are being driven effectively with the senior teams i.e. driving Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Health & Safety, HACCP, etc…

The Group Hotel General Manager will ensure that robust and comprehensive agendas and actions plans are in place while safeguarding the day to day operations run efficiently and feed into the overall strategic plans for each property.

The Hotel Group General will report directly to the directors on the performance of the property’s and the progress/development of the agreed objectives and results.

The Hotel General Manager is expected to support the teams with a hands on approach when needed but more importantly enable them to carry out the duties expected through coaching, training and development. Closely monitor the hotels business reports on a daily basis and take actions accordingly through effective communication.


Areas to Focus/Drive with Teams:


Staff Management:

  • Direct line of management approach with the HR team with the recruiting and hiring processes.
  • Act as a role model and provide guidance on company culture. 
  • In conjunction with the HR team, help develop strategies in staff retention, productivity of employees while increasing employee motivation and engagement.
  • Implement all polices in full and ensure they are adhered to.

·       To ensure that an environment exists which promotes excellent employee morale and dignity at work for all team members.

·       To ensure that all department rosters are prepared in line with property requirements and that such rosters are communicated to the team by Thursday of each week allowing staff time to organise their own schedules.

  • Responsible for ensuring that all staff are inducted into the company upon commencement of employment and that all staff files are completed and updated so as to ensure compliance with all legal requirements under employment legislation guidelines.
  • To ensure that a TNA document is in place and is updated weekly and more importantly that all training is scheduled and completed in a timely manner.
  • To ensure that all staff are managed efficiently by their department heads and that any issues in this regard are managed as a matter of urgency through your agenda meetings with your senior team.
  • To ensure that any staff issues/concerns are managed in a timely and efficient manner through the company’s grievance procedure.
  • To ensure excellent communications within and between departments so as to ensure that all staff feel included.
  • To ensure that all staff meetings/disciplinary’s are completed as per company procedure/in line with legislation.


Training & Development:

·       To ensure all employees receive adequate training during and on commencement of employment following a structured training plan.  This must include all new employees attending induction.

  • Compile and maintain a training programme for all new and existing employees – this should combine both internal & external training requirements.
  • Ensure that departmental/sop training activities are scheduled in to departmental training plans to ensure continuous improvements and consistency of standards.
  • It is imperative to ensure that all staff receive all mandatory training applicable to them – must promote and support in-house training.
  • It is important to ensure that all staff are aware of our legal responsibility with regard to the sale of food, drink and tobacco.


Management Team

  • Compile strong work agendas with all members of your management/HOD teams and schedule regular meetings to drive these agendas on a monthly basis. Live working documents are to be uploaded on the company’s One Drive.
  • Compile a training plan in conjunction with Group HR for all managers and HOD’s ensuring that this is in line with company requirements, individual development plans and the properties strategic plan.
  • To establish a succession plan with Group HR and Directors and ensure that this a focus point for all staff development and training plans.
  • Ensure strong and regular communications within your management team exist in order to drive the hotels agenda and ensure productivity and efficiency.



  • Talent Management: Ensure that any staff members showing potential/interest in developing their career within hotel management are nurtured and developed through the in-house training and development plan and that such individuals are discussed with Directors and Group HR.



  • To ensure hotel management teams are producing forecast reports on a weekly basis to ensure they are in line with budgeted wage percentage and to take appropriate action where forecast is above budget.
  • Ensure a strong understanding of P&L lines and the ability to react with impactful solutions and strategies.
  • To work in conjunction with the Group Financial Controller & Directors in the preparation of the annual budgets & forecast plans for the properties.
  • Drive the financial agendas for the properties.
  • Address any payroll issues in-house in conjunction with Group HR & payroll dept.
  • Work in conjunction with the Group Financial Controller in driving the property’s Financial Agenda.
  • Annual supplier review to ensure the hotels are yielding group purchasing opportunities.
  • Ensure hotel properties are providing wash up reports from key dates as pre-determined to ensure we have corrections and action plans in place for future events.
  • Ensure all cash control procedures are being followed and investigate all issues arising.


Service Standards:

·       To develop a culture within the property where all staff are aware of the standard required in all areas of the hotels.

·       To ensure that all staff are trained as per their depts. SOP’s to ensure consistency in service and standards. The dept. training should be listed in the dept. training schedule (TNA File), signed off, scanned and input on Strandum.

·       Ensure that all staff are aware of the importance of providing a high level of customer care at all times.

·       Work with the management teams and department heads in ensuring that all SOP’s are of the standards required by the company. All SOP’s should be reviewed on an annual basis.

·       Carry out random spot checks on service standards to ensure that all staff are performing to the required standards encouraging feedback from your daily customers as well as feedback upon checkout from overnight/long term guests, including comment cards and post stay emails. Implement a system to ensure all feedback is compiled and reviewed bi-monthly.

·       Work with Group HR on ensuring that all staff complete the in-house customer care training module. This should be a priority focus when completing the property’s training schedule.

·       Work in conjunction with the Group HR Manager in driving the hotels HR Agendas.

·       Work with the management and kitchen teams to ensure full compliance with HACCP is being maintained.


Sales & Marketing:

·       To coach and encourage the team to maximise sales opportunities in order to meet sales targets.

·       To achieve the agreed budget for the hotel, ensuring that the cost of sales is achieved and expenditure is controlled at all levels.  Ensure that every effort is made to achieve the weekly/monthly sales target as set out in the annual budget.

  • To promote hotel facilities, ensuring that all staff are trained to promote sales within the hotels. 
  • Train staff in upselling where possible.
  • Drive the individual hotels sales plan with your sales team holding weekly/bi-monthly meetings to drive these agendas.
  • Establish strong working agendas with your sales teams and Hotel Revenue Manager.
  • Liaise with your sales teams on a weekly basis to measure business being secured and converted to business on the books.
  • Review room rates, occupancy, ARR, allocations and websites activities with the Group Revenue Manage and your Front Office Supervisors/Managers on a weekly basis as necessary to ensure accuracy and proper management and controls of the rooms divisions.
  • Implement real time focus on sales activation plans that are information lead in terms of business on the books and develop quarterly sales plans well in advance.
  • Ensure chase business is happening on a weekly basis within the hotels.
  • Be conscious of the budget allocated to sales and marketing in the hotels.
  • Work in conjunction with the Management & Sales Teams to drive the individual hotels sales & marketing agendas.
  • Ensure all minutes from meetings are carried out in full in a timely manner.
  • Ensure all reports required by individual team members are completely on time and monitored / analysed and corrective actions taken where necessary.



·       To oversee the ordering, cost control and standards of all departmental/general hotel supplies, ensuring the correct purchase order procedures are adhered to. The hotels will be moving over to Procure Wizard in March ’23.

·       All items being requisitioned must be requested using the appropriate

documentation (purchase order form). Under no circumstances should stock be moved or transferred between departments without completing the necessary 


·       To ensure correct use of supplies by implementing, reviewing and amending stock control procedures to ensure the highest level of drink/food and general stock management and controls are in place.

·       To ensure that weekly/monthly stock takes are completed in an accurate and timely fashion and reported to head office as per company procedure. Total Stock Control (External Auditors) are now in place within the hotels – monthly reports from Total Stock Control to be reviewed in detail and necessary action plans to be communicated effectively to the management teams within the hotels to execute and implement corrective actions.

·       To ensure that correct stock levels are always held where necessary which can necessitate having a par stock in all depts.

·       To ensure that all relevant staff are aware of the security aspect of working around stock.

·       Investigate any irregularities or discrepancy in stock takes where necessary requesting the support of the Group Security Manager where necessary.



·       A direct, open line of communication should be maintained with the senior management teams and directors on a daily and weekly basis.

·       Weekly/Bi-Weekly meetings (exp. Sales, Operations, HOD’s) must be scheduled and minuted with all relevant managers being in attendance.  It is important that points raised are addressed in an efficient manner.

·       To create and maintain an effective working relationship with colleagues and Managers.


  • Communicate with the HR Department weekly on staffing levels and recruitment requirements and any HR issues in general.
  • Ensure that an open-door policy is in place for all staff so they feel that they have the option to speak to managers when needed as this will encourage positive morale. It is important that staff feel that they have access to the support they need.
  • HOD’S must be encouraged to have regular departmental meetings with their teams.


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