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Posted on : Sat, 11 July, 2020

Sustainability at Moriarty's

At it’s core the Moriarty Group is an Irish based family run business.  We take great interest in the communities in which we trade and while we are in business to develop and grow and indeed to be successful we do not believe in doing so at the cost of the environment – we believe in doing good business in a good way.

To this end we are proud to work closely with our retail business partners Musgraves who are Irelands leading food wholesale and retail company.  We are proud of the work they are doing with and on behalf of our brand and the thousands of independent retailers around the country.

We have a particular interest in the work being carried out around the area of sustainability.  As part of the largest private sector employer in Ireland we have a shared ambition to make a real difference to the lives of people working for us, with us and around us.  We believe in making a positive impact on the planet by committing to projects that are work towards achieving sustainable change for the future such as:

·      Committing to improved recycling and reduce waste and the impact business operations can have on the environment and climate.

·      Promoting health and wellbeing by helping people to make healthier choices through our product ranges and healthy lifestyle campaigns.

·      Working in partnership with others to support and promote the communities we do business in through local sponsorship and the general support of projects and initiatives that can make a real and long-term difference to those communities.

·      Developing the trust our customers have in our brand by ensuring that we carry out our business in an ethical/environmentally friendly way.

At the forefront of what we do is our people as we continue to develop our relationships with them.  We believe that by creating an atmosphere of trust and support with the local community we can continue to provide sustainable employment and by ensuring there is integrity attached to everything we can continue to enjoy the great partnerships we have built to date that can only lead to great things for the future for our people, communities and our environment.

Sustainability at Moriarty's


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