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Posted on : Sat, 07 March, 2020

SuperValu & AsIAm Launch

In July 2020, we received a welcome visit from AsIAm.


AsIam.ie aims to provide a one-stop-shop for the Autism community in Ireland, providing the public & those with the condition to a portal of information about Autism. AsIAm serves as a platform for people affected by Autism to share their stories & views & provides a strong voice for the concerns of the community.


In July 2020, AsIAm joined forces with SuperValu to launch their new ‘Bridge Back to School’ resource. An Autism-friendly learning resource toolkit which offers support & guidance in specific areas, as we move through the phases of re-opening Ireland.


Retail Operations Director for the Moriarty Group; James Moriarty says "It's very exciting to be part of something which is so valuable to so many families around the country. Covid-19 has left many students with the uncertainty of structure & existing routines, of which they are familiar with. These materials are needed to pave the pathway for re-introduction to learning & I'm delighted that SuperValu sustains their dedication to making communities around Ireland more inclusive & is helping to lead the way in a range of Autism awareness campaigns."

Covid-19 has posed challenges for every household in Ireland and for many autistic people, the loss of structure and routine has been particularly tough. While many have been struggling there are also many who find the lack of pressure to go to school, social events and everyday activities a relief. However, as people return to education, re-establishing routines in settings that may have changed substantially will be a challenge. The Bridge Back to School learning resource has been developed to help those with high support needs prepare during the summer months to return to school in September.

20,000 of the resource booklets will be distributed to SuperValu stores nationwide and be available to pick up from Monday, July 6th in every store at identifiable points. The resource can also be accessed online from the SuperValu website. AsIAm worked in collaboration with Professor Emer Ring of Mary Immaculate College who has extensive experience in education including working with the Department of Education and Skills, as a primary mainstream class teacher and as learning & support resource, teacher to develop the resource. At the launch Professor Ring said, “Every person around the country has experienced some obstruction to their routine due to the pandemic, however many do not consider how the changes that may seem minor to some, can pose serious stress to others in their community.  Whilst we welcome the reopening of businesses and society, we must be mindful that this is not a simple transition for many people. This resource we have developed with SuperValu & AsIAm offers essential guidance for those with high support needs that will find the transition back to school a particular challenge.”

CEO of AsIAm Adam Harris said, “Not only have the changes in routine and lack of support been a challenge for autistic students but re-establishing routine will be just as challenging. The summer months present an important opportunity for Summer Provision facilitators and family members to help prepare children for the transition back to education in September, but materials and guidance are needed to do so. The Bridge Back to School resource we’re launching today will support a young person to understand, prepare and manage the return to school.”

In developing the resources some of the most challenging elements of the current ever-changing circumstances which autistic students might find difficult to navigate were identified. The "Bridge Back to School”- An Autism-Friendly Learning Resource for Summer 2020 offers support and guidance in these areas as we move through the phases of reopening Ireland and will focus on:

1.    Sensory integration

2.     Preparing for the new year

3.     Dealing with worry and anxiety

4.     Explaining the “new normal”

5.     Social skills

6.     Self-regulation

7.     Use of visuals

8.     Clear communication

SuperValu is dedicated to making communities around Ireland more inclusive and is leading the way in autism friendly shopping by continuously raising understanding and awareness of autism among its customers and staff. Martin Kelleher Managing Director, SuperValu said “We are proud of the work we are doing to raise awareness of autism in all SuperValu communities around the country. SuperValu and AsIAm are committed to the journey of making our communities more autism friendly and inclusive of all members. We are delighted to partner with Mary Immaculate College and AsIAm to develop this resource from the experienced knowledge of a pool of experts. SuperValu recognises the challenges for families as they prepare for the return to school and hope that this useful and practical learning resource will be an essential support for them over the coming months. The resource will be available for all to pick up in their local SuperValu from Monday, July 6th.”

For more information on the 'Bridge Back to School' learning resource or for information on AsIAm, visit the following resources:




SuperValu & AsIAm Launch


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