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Posted on : Fri, 23 February, 2024

A Proud Announcement for our SuperValu Stores

A very exciting announcement for our Moriarty Group SuperValu stores.

Moriarty's SuperValu are excited to be one of the first retail stores globally to introduce this World-leading innovation with Kastus®.

During the busiest time of the year for retail, we are delighted to announce that our self-checkout screens at Moriarty's SuperValu stores in Palmerstown, Balbriggan and Skerries are now protected by Kastus® 24/7 antimicrobial and antiviral screen protectors.

Kastus screen protection technology is proven to neutralize over 99% of viruses including human coronavirus and 99.99% of bacteria on touchscreens.

Moriarty's SuperValu are excited to be one of the first retail stores globally to introduce this World-leading innovation and we are delighted to share some insight from their VP of Global Marketing, Darragh O'Connor.



Founded in 2014, Kastus is an award-winning Irish nano-technology company who have developed a globally patented range of ‘always on’ Antimicrobial and Antiviral surface coatings designed to protect glass and ceramic surfaces. 

The Kastus range of tempered glass commercial screen protectors offer enhanced ‘always on’ touchscreen protection against Human Coronavirus, Viruses and harmful bacteria. They are an ideal solution to help touchscreen-reliant businesses and services open and stay open in these times. There is nothing like this unique product solution in the global market today - A tempered glass screen protector combining anti-coronavirus, anti-viral and antimicrobial protection available in large touchscreen friendly sizes for easy install.

The photocatalytic technology powering Kastus products is at the forefront of advanced antimicrobial protection and is the result of 15+ years of advanced research with over 44 global patents now granted and pending. Kastus’ world-leading coating technology has been independently proven to ISO standards to neutralize >99% of human Coronavirus¹ and up to 99.99% of surface bacteria².

As a recognised category leader, in June 2020 Kastus was also awarded a significant European Commission Grant to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and support recovery in Europe.

Kastus recently partnered with one of the World’s largest PC makers – Lenovo - and their CEO John Browne was exclusively interviewed about Kastus on Sky News UK. See the full interview: Sky News - Ian King - Interview with John Browne

The market applications for Kastus are wide and varied, from touchscreens (public use or personal devices) to architectural and speciality glass, to ceramic and sanitary ware products in both domestic and commercial environments.

The Kastus technology permanently built in to the screen protectors is globally patented and World leading, our value proposition is completely unique and superior to the market.

No other coating technology offers similar double protection against BOTH viruses AND bacteria.

Apart from bacteria such as SA and E. coli, Kastus is also effective against >99% of Human Coronavirus and a host of other tough to fight everyday viruses.

Kastus technology is the ultimate light-powered coating tech that is activated by natural light. While other technologies need exposure to a UV light source such as a lamp in order to work…. Kastus works effectively with both indoor and outdoor light which means it’s easier to integrate instore and also better for health and safety.

The Kastus coating is photocatalytic in nature and unlike silver is non-leaching. This is good news for the environment but also in terms of longevity.

Here is why…. Kastus is primarily powered by light and air which are both infinite resources. As long as the surface remains intact the coating will continue to work on and on. This is unlike silver–based coatings where the silver needs to leave the surface to poison the bacteria. By definition, these metal based fuel resources will ultimately run out and have their effectiveness reduced over time.

A further key point of difference is that Kastus tech is a photophysical process whereby the bacteria is essentially bashed until it’s DNA is broken down. This means that bacteria cannot build up immunity to the Kastus process.

Contrast this to metal-based technologies which operate by poisoning the bacteria. Any bacteria that is not killed can ultimately build up resistance and become stronger.

Kastus is therefore part of the solution to improving the AMR (or Antimicrobial Resistance) crisis which most experts claim will be a bigger global killer than cancer by 2050.

Finally, as the coating is not designed to leave the surface of the glass, once it’s locked in during manufacturing it’s extremely durable and designed to last the lifetime of the screen protector.

1ISO 21702 Antiviral standard independently verified by Virology Research Service Ltd (UK)

²ISO 27447 Antimicrobial standard independently verified by Airmid laboratories

A Proud Announcement for our SuperValu Stores


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